GraylingchrisonpoliticsChris Grayling, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, has told the human resources trade magazine Personnel Today that the Conservatives will take on board some of the concerns within the industry about the impediments of red tape.

"Every person in the country in a management or HR role that deals with regulation agrees there is too much red tape, that the system is too complicated," Grayling told Personnel Today.

"We’re going to be doing some work during the course of this autumn on the health and safety environment to see what can be done to reduce the regulatory burden without compromising on safety standards."

On welfare to work schemes, Grayling also promised much less prescription of what employers can and cannot do.

"What you have had from the government over the past few years is an initiative here, an initiative there, and I don’t want to replicate that," Grayling said. "I want us to have a much more simplified structure, without the government prescribing the programme a welfare-to-work system with contractors based geographically, dealing with a range of people with a range of needs, so we can say, ‘you’re the professionals, can you get on with it please?’."

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