Key findings in a ICM poll for the News of the World:

  • "When asked about how he is dealing with the global economic crisis, a clear
    majority say Mr Brown is doing well. The ICM poll shows 54% say he is doing well, compared to 36% who say he is
    doing badly."
  • "When asked who voters trust more, the Tories or Labour… Gordon Brown and Chancellor Alistair Darling are backed by 43%, while David
    Cameron and George Osborne are supported by 35%."
  • "The poll shows 13% say they would be MORE likely to vote Labour. In theory, such a shift would decimate David Cameron’s current 12 point lead
    in the polls. However, 22% of voters say they are now LESS likely to vote Labour – a shift
    which could give David Cameron a 16 point lead over Labour."
  • "Surprisingly, working class voters prefer the Conservatives’ handling of the
    economic crisis over Labour (44% versus 34%)."

More from the NotW’s Ian Kirby here.

8.15pm: And there’s this from ComRes in The Independent on Sunday:

PoliticalBetting is emphasising that Brown is STILL 9% behind after an avalanche of positive coverage; Guido is emphasising that the Tory lead is down (just) to single figures (as we expected would happen).  We tend to agree with although there is one worrying number for the Conservatives:

If David Cameron had been prime minister, he would have handled the bank crisis better than Gordon Brown:

Agree 25% Disagree 56%.

10.45pm: A BPIX poll for the Mail on Sunday: "When voters are asked who they would vote for in an emergency General Election on the economy, Mr Cameron scores 45 per cent, with Labour only six points behind on 39. But when the economic crisis is removed from the question and voters concentrate on wider issues, the picture changes dramatically. The Tory rating rises to 46 while Labour slumps to 30, 16 points behind, with Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats on a lowly 13."

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