Throughout the evening we’ll be recording the broadcast media’s reaction to David Cameron’s speech.  We’ll be watching:

  • 6pm: BBC1’s Six’o’clock news
  • 6.30pm: ITN News
  • 7pm: Channel 4 News
  • 10pm: BBC1’s Ten’o’clock news
  • 10.30pm: Newsnight

Lead item: Cameron is a man with a plan. Eleven minute package that ended at 6.11pm. Main report ends with David Cameron kissing Samantha, in front of his shadow cabinet. Nick Robinson says that there is no change of agenda here despite reference to Margaret Thatcher. The green and flexible working messages underlined the continuity, he concluded. Voters in a BBC focus group in Stafford wanted more policy detail and less sitting on fence. Most of the focus groupers didn’t like the mention of Margaret Thatcher.

ITN 6.30PM NEWS: Third item: Cameron says Britain needs character and judgment, not experience. Begins at 6.42pm and ends at 6.48pm.  ITN report ends with visit to voters in Jacqui Smith’s Redditch; concludes "This is one town where voters are heading in David Cameron’s direction."  Tom Bradby describes the speech as a "quite clever" rebuttal of Gordon Brown’s ‘no time for a novice’ line and a movement towards the Right.

C4 7PM NEWS: Lead item: A man with a plan. 13 minutes (with a focus group report later in the programme to come). A sobre, serious speech but short on policy.  Like the BBC1 and ITV Gary Gibbon’s report uses the Margaret Thatcher and experience section. Phil Collins of The Times – former Blair speechwriter – admits speech was "very impressive", in many ways "Blairite" – laughs that a white shadow cabinet walked on stage after diverse, handpicked candidates had introduced Cameron. Nick Boles says "very powerful" speech was best so far from David Cameron; Cameron has brought together best traditions of party and a celebration of modern Britain.  The image below is the C4 word cloud…


BBC1 TEN’O’CLOCK NEWS: Lead item: David Cameron is a man with a plan. 12 minute report. Nick Robinson’s report begins with film of Cameron out jogging through Birmingham with PPS Desmond Swayne at his side.  The report included a generous treatment of all the speech’s main themes.  The BBC focus group reacted very warmly to DC’s message on the Human Rights Act. Nick Robinson’s concluding two-way decides that Margaret Thatcher was toxic and wonders at Mr Cameron’s attempt to compare today’s choice with that of 1979.

BBC2 NEWSNIGHT: Cameron’s speech is second item – after Senate vote on bailout. David Grossman interprets the speech as a warning that taxes may have to rise. Michael Crick says yesterday’s speech was better; gives Cameron 7/10 and Brown 7.5/10 for his speech of last week.  Also says the speech put tax increases on the agenda.

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