Tim Montgomerie writes:

PresspackThe Westminster village loved yesterday.  After weeks of heavy economics stories they could get back to what they loved most; a story of Westminster intrigue and personality clashes.

I don’t like George Osborne’s choice of holiday company – nor his briefing against Peter Mandelson after a private dinner – but Conservatives should not be under any illusions that Labour hates George Osborne and would love to bring down our master strategist – a case I make on GuardianOnline.

Much more coverage was given to the fact that George Osborne hadn’t received a donation from Russia’s richest man (and denied soliciting one) than was given to the previous day’s story that Britain is borrowing more than at any time since the 1930s.

David Cameron has the opportunity to change the focus again today at PMQs.  My hope is that he gets angry on behalf of the British people stuffed by Labour’s economic mismanagement.  Labour’s failure to put money away for a rainy day means that there is very little room to boost the economy.  A tough recession now looks inevitable.  He should bring to the Commons the stories of small business people, homeowners, exporters, local councils and taxpayers who face enormous difficulties because of Labour’s mismanagement.  He should get real and a little bit angry.

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