Drudgescreenshot We already knew that most of the world wanted Barack Obama to be the next US President.  Plenty of polling already existed to suggest as much (see Pew for example).  That didn’t stop the BBC commissioning a poll of its own to reach the same conclusion.  Shadow Culture Spokesman Jeremy Hunt (incidentally being tipped as the next Tory Chairman) wonders if this is a good use of BBC resources.  He issued this statement to ConHome:

"I’d like to know where the money is coming from the fund these polls. If they are funded from the commercial profits of BBC World News, that’s one thing but I would question whether it is something UK taxpayers should be financing through the licence fee."

Does anyone doubt that the BBC wants Obama to win?  Last week Jim Naughtie wished the Democrats "good luck".  This entry on BBC Online yesterday ends with a very negative reference to McCain-Palin.  At 4am this morning on BBC World Service an hour long debate from LA found only one person in the "balanced" audience who thought Sarah Palin had the experience to be VP.  The list could go on and on…

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