We’re a little late with this but yesterday’s intervention by Dame Pauline Neville-Jones on the Tablighi Jamaat proposal for a 40,000-worshipper mega-mosque for East London is worthy of note.  Paul Waugh covered it in yesterday’s London Evening Standard:

"Ministers should review plans to build a
"mega-mosque" in the East End in the wake of the airline bomb plot
trial, the Tories urged today. Shadow security minister Dame
Pauline Neville-Jones said the case had shown that the group behind the
mosque may have given cover to extremist activity. Tablighi
Jamaat, which describes itself an Islamic missionary organisation, is
pushing for the mosque to be built next to the 2012 Olympics site in
Stratford. But the group was revealed in court as having links
to some of the terror suspects, with several having passed through
other mosques run by the group."

This is also an issue that Paul Goodman MP has rightly raised before.

Homeland security and community integration are emerging as two of the Conservative Party’s most impressive (and very related) policy areas.  David Cameron’s speech in March to the Community Security Trust set out the strength of the party’s thinking.

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