A few weeks ago we set out how the Conservative Party might achieve something bigger than victory at the next General Election; realignment.

A new YouGov poll this morning shows that a strong policy on immigration could help deliver this change in long-term political allegiance:

  • "81% of Labour voters want to see a substantial reduction in current immigration numbers.  Of those, 36% think that Balanced Migration is about the right level, but the other 45% think even that is too high.
  • 83% of Liberal Democrats want to see much lower immigration.  Of these, 43% support Balanced Migration, while 40% believe the limit should be even lower.
  • 89% of Conservatives want a sharp reduction in immigration.  Of these, 23% support Balanced Migration, while 66% want even tougher limits.
  • Among BME respondents, 75% wanted much lower immigration, of whom 36% supported Balanced Migration and 39% wanted even tougher limits.
  • The poll also showed that 33%of the electorate were more likely to vote Conservative if David Cameron were to adopt Balanced Migration as a policy; only 5% would be less likely to support him – a net gain of 28%."

The poll was carried out for MigrationWatch; readers’ campaigning organisation of the year.

The survey coincides with a call by a cross-party group, marshalled by MigrationWatch, for a policy of "balanced migration".  Such a policy would mean that the number of people given permission to settle permanently in Britain (not including temporary migrant workers) would equal the number of citizens emigrating.

The group includes Frank Field MP, Nicholas Soames MP, Lord Carey and Lord Ahmed.  According to the Daily Mail the policy "would produce a UK population of around 65million by 2050 – compared to projections of 78.6million under Government policies."

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