This list will be updated throughout the week:

Thursday: Thousands of copies of Reconstruction, Renewal, Repair. were distributed to conference-goers after David Cameron spoke.  It neatly summarises party policies.  A PDF of it is here.

Tuesday: "The Conservatives want to amend Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure that protecting the public from risk is given priority over the risk to [police] officers" (BBC).

Monday: Conservatives pledge 45,000 increase in the number of single rooms in hospitals by end of first term at a cost of £1.57bn (Guardian).

Monday: George Osborne announces two year freeze in council tax for local councils that help to deliver economies (Watch).

Monday: A new high speed London to Birmingham rail link by 2027 (and no third runway for Heathrow).

Monday: A new GI Bill that will give servicemen much greater access to education (BBC).

Sunday: Tory Government would establish an Office of Budget Responsibility to publicly account for progress towards a balanced budget (this idea was first proposed by the FT).

Sunday: Twelve private sector CEOs will be recruited to become "superheads" for major Whitehall Departments (referred to by The Sunday Times). 3pm: CCHQ has now told us that this is rubbish and do not know how The Sunday Times could have written it!

Saturday: New powers for the Bank of England to rescue failing banks and to monitor consumer and corporate debt

Saturday: £121m to fund a weekly rubbish collection by all local councils

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