PopulusIn the overall headline numbers in The Times’ poll there is no change with the Conservatives maintaining a 16% advantage.  One of the most interesting findings is that "barely a half (51%) of those who voted Labour in 2005 say they would do so in a general election now".  That figure contrasts with 83% for the Conservatives.

Populus also asked about some of the measures touted by Labour to boost the flagging UK economy:

  • 58% support a windfall tax on energy companies but just 22% think it will make a significant difference to their economic situation.
  • 68% back help for lower income families to pay higher fuel bills but only a quarter of voters think such help will be significant.
  • 70% back a temporary suspension of stamp duty on house purchases but just 30% think it’ll make a big difference.
  • 83% back public spending measures that would increase the affordability of house purchase.  33% believe such measures would be significant in their effect.

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