For those interested this was the section on the Conservatives from the Deputy Labour Leader’s speech

"Have you heard the one about the Tories and the economy.

"How many Tories does it take to manage a global economic crisis?  – none!  Why would they!  Leave it to the market of course ."

The Tories write the British Economy off. But they are wrong.  Britain is made of sterner stuff.

The Tories write the Labour Party off. But they are wrong.  This Labour Party is made of sterner stuff.
The Tories are breathtaking in their arrogance. They smirk in photoshoots of what they describe as the cabinet in waiting.

We know that because they put the photos in the Tories house magazine – none other than the Tatler.

Conference – no part y should take the voters for granted like that.

And their leader, David Cameron, says one thing when he means another.

    * David Cameron says the Tories are now concerned to tackle poverty – yet Tory policy would give £1b inheritance cuts to the richest 3,000 millionaires.
    * He says the Tories would back up families with young children – yet Tory tax policy on marriage would penalise children whose parents had split up.
    * He says the Tories now respect women’s rights – yet sends out lap-dancing leaflets in the Tory conference pack
    * He pledges support to lesbian and gay groups – but he voted to keep s28- and it was on a free vote.
    * He posed for photos on a beach in Cornwall – but then we find his real holiday was on a yacht. Which cost £21,000 a week.

There is something not quite right about him.

He’s the kind of man your mother used to warn you about.

You know the kind of man I’m talking about.

He’ll promise you the world. Promise to make all your dreams come true.
But if he got his wicked way with – you in the ballot box – you’d never hear from him again."

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