[On our video the Sky interviewers’ questions are mute, DC’s answers aren’t].

Highlights of David Cameron’s answers:

  • The PM has experience but his experience his of bungling regulation of the financial sector and building up the largest ever fiscal deficit;
  • Mr Cameron recommends urgent action on deposit protection and a lead role for the Bank of England in managing financial rescues.
  • The underlying economic problem, he says, is too much debt.
  • He had a gas bill over £1,000 last year and an oil bill of over £1,000.
  • Crime isn’t just about punishment, but about mending the family and dealing with other root causes.
  • "Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan" is Britain’s number one foreign policy priority.
  • Gordon Brown "thumped the poor" when he abolished the 10p tax band.  It was an "appalling" decision.

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