Tim Montgomerie writes:

Contractural obligations mean that Jonathan Isaby probably won’t be joining ConHome until after the Tory Party Conference but his contributions will be well worth waiting for. I am really looking forward to working with him.

In the meantime I hope that ConHome will continue to offer the most comprehensive and independently-minded coverage of Tory politics. August is usually something of a slow month but I was delighted that the website won 200,000 more hits in August 2008 than August 2007 (660,905 hits compared to 462,302). – the project that Sam and I launched in January – is
now the second most popular page of ConservativeHome.  Earlier this
month it overtook the ToryDiary and has stayed ahead.  Only the gateway
page to the rest of the site – the frontpage – receives more visitors.

The two big casualties of the extended interregnum between Samuel Coates’ departure and Jonathan’s arrival are two new projects; the Wiki pages and But they’ll take off once Jonathan is on board.  I’m optimistic that they’ll both succeed.

Peter Franklin will soon be writing an extra Friday feature and sometime next week I’ll be telling you more about this.  I’ll also be able to introduce our new local government editor. Watch this space!

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