John Leonard has kindly pointed out that there’s an Ipsos-MORI poll which puts the Conservatives on 48% and Labour on 24%.  It’s mentioned by The Telegraph.  More as we get it.

21 August 12.30pm Update:

The results of the Ipsos-MORI poll have been confirmed with the release of the figures today:

Conservatives 48%
Labour 24%
Liberal Democrats 16%

Sky News is reporting
this as Labour’s lowest rating by the pollster since it began its
records in 1977. If repeated on a uniform national swing at the next
election, Electoral Calculus reports Labour and the Liberal Democrats would lose more than half their seats, and the Conservative majority would be 272.

58% agreed that the Conservatives are ready for office, with narrow
leads on education, housing and the environment and a 15% lead on the
economy. 75% are dissatisfied with Gordon Brown’s performance.


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