The Tories remain well ahead in the latest YouGov survey for The Daily Telegraph.  CCHQ insist there is no room for complacency and that’s one of the reasons there was annoyance at Eric Pickles for his recent suggestion that it was "impossible" for Labour to win the next election.

But there are some areas of activity where the Tories appear complacent.  Iain Dale highlights one area in his Telegraph column.  He writes that "British Tories have fallen behind virtually every other western
Right-of-centre party in its internet operations".  That is certainly true of Canada where Conservatives, for example, recently launched an internet campaign against their opponents’ carbon tax.

It’s most true of America.  The McCain campaign takes a lot of time to brief blogs about all major developments.  The campaign understands that the blogosphere’s audience is relatively small but they know that opinion-formers and activists are addicted to the blogs.  Andy Coulson has constantly promised that leading blogs will receive advance briefing on major news stories but those briefings have never materialised.  Pre-briefing depends upon the individual shadow minister’s inclination to do so.  Chris Grayling, Jeremy Hunt, Grant Shapps and Eric Pickles are among the best at communicating with new media.

In his column Iain Dale suggests that the "long-awaited" relaunch of "seems to have been postponed forever".  That is not our understanding.  A relaunch of is imminent and we have high hopes of the quality team behind that relaunch.  We recently discussed what the new site should offer.

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