In the most recent ConservativeHome survey we asked readers to revisit their vote in the 2005 Conservative leadership result. It was a somewhat complicated exercise as we went back to the email addresses we captured at the time to ensure there was no distortion of the outcome. The scale of the results are stark.

It would be wrong to assume that the scale of regret among David Davis voters has translated into general negativity towards the former Shadow Home Secretary.  (It is probably more of an acknowledgment of David Cameron’s success.)  During last week’s survey – answered by 1,587 members – we also asked for respondents’ general view of David Davis now.  More than two-thirds of members feel positively towards Mr Davis; 42% said they had a very "positive view" of him and 29% said a "slightly positive" view.  20% had a "slightly negative" view and 9% a "very negative" view.

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