The Guardian
reports that Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve is to propose amendments to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act so that it is simpler for the police to conduct surveillance on those suspected of non-terrorist offences.  The article quotes Tory concerns that one police officer recently spent thirteen-and-a-half hours filling out paperwork in order to follow a burglar with three previous convictions.

According to The Guardian Mr Grieve wants the police to have automatic rights to:

  • "Use covert video or listening devices in premises or vehicles.
  • Watch premises to identify or arrest suspects.
  • Conduct visual surveillance of public locations.
  • Patrol, in uniform or plain clothes.
  • Use thermal imaging and X-ray technology.
  • Conduct surveillance using visible CCTV cameras."

Earlier in the summer the outgoing chair of the Local Government Association, Sir Simon Milton, highlighted local authorities’ use and misuse of surveillance powers.

Mr Grieve’s is the second announcement of a week that is dedicated to crime in the Tories’ summer media grid. Yesterday’s announcement was from Nick Herbert on stricter bail conditions.

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