Earlier today David Cameron met with Georgian President Saakashvili during a flying visit to Tbilisi.

He issued this statement:

"I’m here as a politician representing one of the world’s oldest democracies to show support for one of the world’s newest. We are absolutely right to stand by a country, its democracy and its territorial integrity when it has been violated in this way."

He also said this to the BBC:

"What I’ve heard is there’s a real danger that the militias that are in the areas that the Russians occupy may well be carrying out appalling atrocities.  Reports are beginning to come in, obviously we need the evidence, but a very clear message needs to go out to the Russians that while they are in control of this territory – which they shouldn’t be – anything that happens there is their responsibility. If atrocities have taken place, they will be held to account for that."

ConservativeHome comment:
"We join with Iain Martin, The Sun and others who have been impressed by David Cameron’s resolute response to the Russia-Georgia crisis.  Mr Cameron has been the most prime ministerial figure in British politics over the last week.  He identified Russia as the principal villain of the affair on Monday and then used his press conference on Tuesday to set out a range of measures that the world’s democracies should be willing to take against Russia.  He was right to go to Tbilisi today and to show solidarity with the Georgian people.  We must all hope that reports of atrocities in Russian-controlled territory are untrue."

> Watch a video of David Cameron talking to the BBC (three minutes).

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