PoliticsHome has captured David Cameron’s description of Russia as a "dangerous bully".

should be working with our European partners and making clear that what
Russia has been doing and is doing is completely unacceptable.  What Russia has done is use massive and disproportionate force. It is acting as a dangerous bully. I think there’s a simple point here – the only language that
bullies understand is when someone stands up to them. Think of the
implications for the Baltic states, Are we going to allow Russia to behave in this way in relation to other countries? What Russia is doing is disproportinate and is despicable."

In terms of actions, Mr Cameron made it clear that NATO should have been more positive about Georgia’s accession:

"I think part of the problem here is that NATO was rather unclear over whether Georgia could have accelerated membership. I think that if Georgia was a member of NATO we’d have greater leverage over how it behaved. We need to speed up NATO membership. Let’s be clear that it is Russia who has violated Georgia’s territory. There are very worrying consequences if Europe doesn’t act, NATO doesn’t act, and speak clearly with one voice."

What a welcome contrast with Mr Hague’s early caution.  The next step should be to warn Russia that it risks expulsion from the G8; a threat already made by John McCain.

This development will leave ultra-loyalist website Platform10 in a quandary.  It rushed to William Hague’s defence this morning, applauding William Hague’s caution.  We applaud Mr Cameron’s solidarity with Georgia.

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