The latest YouGov poll, for today’s News of the World, shows Brown still adrift by 20%.

The Sunday Times"provides us with Mr Brown’s entirely predictable response, more public spending:

"More than 7m families who receive child benefit are to be given a
one-off payment of £150 to help meet soaring fuel bills under plans
being drawn up by Gordon Brown.  The £1 billion handout is expected to
form a key part of the prime minister’s autumn fightback after a dismal
first 14 months in power."

In a leading article The Sunday Times says the spending spree will do nothing to save Mr Brown’s political skin or Britain’s economic fortunes:

"All the signs are that Mr Brown intends to spend very large amounts
of taxpayers’ money in an ultimately doomed effort to save his
political skin. This spending is likely to make almost no difference to
the looming tsunami of higher inflation, plunging house prices,
repossessions, rocketing fuel bills, rising unemployment and
bankruptcies that make up the true state of the economy and which will
terminate his premiership."

We’ve started a new ToryDiary category so we can keep an eye on Mr Brown’s scorched earth tactics, as predicted by Fraser Nelson.

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