Boris Johnson endorsed Hillary Clinton last year and has now backed Barack Obama according to today’s Evening Standard.  London’s Mayor is reported as saying: "John McCain has many, many wonderful qualities, but I think a Barack Obama victory would do fantastic things for the confidence and the feelings of black people around the world."

David Cameron has also sought to benefit from Senator Obama’s massive popularity in the UK.  UK citizens that have been Googling ‘Barack Obama’ in recent days will have been presented with a Google ad for the video of the Tory leader meeting the Democrat nominee.  CCHQ won’t tell us how much their Google ad campaign cost but insists that it is a "very cheap" campaign and has contributed to the more than 15,000 views of the video.  Advisers to the Tory leader expect Senator Obama to become the President and are preparing for a period of six years where they would both lead their respective nations – should both men secure election and re-election.

A recent survey found that up to a third of Tory MPs may be backing Barack Obama.  Liam Fox remains loyal to the Conservative Party’s traditional ally, the GOP, however and will be leading a delegation to the Republican Convention in September.

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