ParliamentsquareThe protest in Parliament Square against the Iraq war has gone on for a number of years.  The protest’s ringleader Brian Haw has become a hero of the left.  But is it time we said that he and his anti-war fellow protestors should move on?  Alan Duncan thinks so.  This morning’s Guardian reports:

"Protesters camped outside Westminster have "no justifiable democratic purpose" and should be moved on permanently, a Tory frontbencher said today. The shadow business secretary, Alan Duncan, said the camp – where anti-war campaigner Brian Haw has lived since 2001 – had become a "vulgar and pointless display"."

The Daily Mail’s Ben Brogan salutes Mr Duncan for offering testimony that secured a harrassment conviction for Barbara Tucker:

"Mrs Tucker is one of the loonies gathered around Brian Haw who have turned a section of Parliament Square into a passionate statement for liberty and individual rights an eyesore. Her daily rallying cry of "Genocide is a war crime, Tony Blair is a war criminal" is wearisomely familiar to those along the Burma Road, and many of us have filed complaints to the police about her. Final word to Mr Duncan: "The whole encampment has become a vulgar and pointless display which is utterly demeaning for the Westminster Parliament. It is nothing to do with freedom of speech or the right to protest. It no longer has any justifiable democratic purpose. It is time to stop it." Dunky has always been a bit of a have-a-go chap; I remember watching him try to arrest the protestors who covered Brian Mawhinney’s suit in paint years ago. Full marks to him for standing up to this nonsense."

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