We blogged Cameron’s "right and wrong" speech four hours ago.  We found it a thoughtful and morally serious speech.  It stated the obvious truth that personal behaviours contribute to social challenges.  So long as we continue to deny that we are only condemning more people to tough lives.  James Forsyth at The Spectator seems to agree.

Looking at The Telegraph’s headline coverage, however, one has to wonder if ‘Fleet Street’ is capable of providing thoughtful and morally serious coverage:


If David Cameron sticks at this message he can win the debate.  He’s fundamentally right about the causes of social breakdown and he’s certainly not saying that he wants to abandon people to the consequences of their choices.  He has talked about helping people make right choices and building "a nation of the second chance" where people are never abandoned.  The core virtue of this approach is that it is honest and compassionate.  God help Britain if it is rejected.

6.30pm: Julia Manning on CentreRight also applauds DC’s speech.

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