David Cameron’s promised transparency reforms are coming into place with the publication of a list of almost all Conservative MPs’ staff, employed family members, office running costs and travel/accommodation expenditure incurred by MPs outside of London.

Cameron said:

"Politicians need to do everything they can to regain the trust of the British people, and transparency has a key part to play in that process. We must show that we’re spending taxpayers money sensibly and correctly. We are the first party to demand this information from our members, and our MPs are voluntarily revealing a much more detailed breakdown of their expenses than official rules require them to. I’m glad that we’re leading the way."

You can download the "right to know" forms by surname: A-E / F-H / I-P / Q-Z

6.15pm: Greg Hands MP on CentreRight: Conservatives setting the agenda on MP and MEP ethics – but we need to go further still

7.30pm: Boulton: "Seven Tory MPs have gone against the wishes of their party leader and refused to publish their expenses for the last 3 months. Sir Paul Beresford, Bill Cash, Christopher Chope, Sir John Stanley, Anthony Steen, Nicholas and Ann Winterton have chosen to ignore David Cameron’s call to "show that we’re spending taxpayers money sensibly and correctly."

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