David Cameron is campaigning for David Davis this afternoon; George
Osborne visits next week; Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt and Chris
Grayling were in Haltemprice and Howden yesterday.  Every Tory MP has
been instructed to visit at least once.

The overwhelming view of Tory MPs who ConservativeHome have spoken
to, however, is that David Davis was wrong to resign his seat and
should have fought for his views within the shadow cabinet.  Tory
members agree with that view although in almost identical numbers they
want Mr Davis brought back into the shadow cabinet – an unlikely
outcome, at least in the short-term.  By two-to-one Tory members also
believe that David Davis’ campaign will highlight  "the ways in which
our civil liberties are in danger".


Last week Mr Davis launched his campaign with Ten Promises to Protect British Freedoms.

Related link: On the afternoon of David Davis’ resignation we found 66% of Tory members "inspired" by his resignation.

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