In the end-June survey of Conservative members we asked "On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is least important and 10 is most important, please rate the importance of the following objectives for the next Conservative Government."  These are the 1,470 results averaged out:

  1. A reduction in crime: 8.2
  2. A reduction in the burden of taxation: 8.0
  3. A significant repatriation of powers from the EU: 7.7
  4. Education and welfare reforms that deliver more social justice and less social breakdown: 7.7
  5. Control of our borders and a large reduction in immigration: 7.7
  6. A big reduction in UK borrowing: 7.6
  7. A rebuilding of our armed forces: 7.6
  8. A second term in office: 7.6
  9. A strengthening of marriage and the family: 7.4
  10. An NHS without centralised targets: 7.3
  11. A fairer deal for England within the United Kingdom: 7.0
  12. A settlement of the Iranian nuclear threat: 6.1
  13. A cleaner environment and significant action on climate change: 5.5.

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