We’ve already drawn attention to it on the homepage but there’s a must-read piece in today’s Sunday Times by Jonathan Oliver and Isabel Oakeshott about David Cameron’s right-and-wrong speech from last Monday.  We said at the time that it was "a great speech" and Oliver and Oakeshott have put it alongside two other speeches as the defining moments of David Cameron’s leadership.  The other two being his speech at the 2005 Party Conference which saw Mr Cameron become overnight favourite to succeed Michael Howard and his speech last year – again in Blackpool – when he called Gordon Brown’s bluff on an autumn election: Call That Election, We Will Fight, Britain Will Win.

We’d put George Osborne’s inheritance tax announcement, the ‘huskies trip’ to the Norwegian glacier and the tough reaction to Derek Conway as three other defining moments.

What do you think?  We’ll add the best suggestions to our Wiki, which will be up-and-running in a few days…

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