YougovOpinion poll findings are coming at us thick and fast at the moment.  A new YouGov survey for The Telegraph finds the Conservatives maintaining a very healthy lead, as summarised in the graphic above.  There are also more details of ComRes’ latest poll for The Independent (we noted the headline numbers on Friday night).  Here are ten of the most interesting poll findings:

Massive disapproval of Labour: 18% approve of the Government’s record to date; 70% disapprove (YouGov, Telegraph).

Stable Tory lead: The major pollsters all put the Conservatives above 40%, mostly
well above: 45% (YouGov), 46% (ComRes), 47% (Ipsos-MORI), 43% (ICM) and
41% (Populus).

Energised Tory vote: 96% of Tories plan to vote compared to just 77% of Labour voters (ComRes, Independent).

Cameron preferred to Brown (except in Scotland): By 52% to 34% voters believe that Cameron would be a better PM than Brown.  Mr Brown only has an edge in one part of the UK; Scotland (ComRes, Independent).

Tories most trusted on economy: Conservatives now lead Labour by 37% to 23% on best placed to run the economy (YouGov, Telegraph).  The gap was 49% to 27% in Labour’s favour at the last General Election.

Economic pessimism: 75% expect UK economy to get worse over next 12 months (Ipsos MORI).

Conservatives are ready to govern: 53% of voters believe that the Conservatives are ready to rule; 37% don’t (ComRes, Independent).

No longer the nasty party: 52% of voters see David Cameron as caring, only 28% say the same of the Conservatives as a whole (YouGov, Telegraph).  51% say that the Tories are no longer ‘nasty’ (ComRes, Independent).

Doing even better in marginals: Labour are third place in a Crosby Textor poll of thirty marginal seats, 1% behind the LibDems and 24% behind the Conservatives.

Brown should take a break: Two-thirds of Westminster insiders think that the best thing Brown can do over the summer is take a holiday (PoliticsHomeIndex).

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