Tim Montgomerie writes:


blogs got there first but I am delighted to confirm that Samuel Coates,
Deputy Editor of ConservativeHome, looks set to join David Cameron’s
office as part of the speechwriting team. 

At the age of 22, Sam’s
likely appointment after a number of competitive tests and interviews is a tremendous personal achievement, I wish him
every success.  His commitment to the social justice agenda and his
interest in international human rights will be just two of the
significant contributions I know he’ll make to Team Cameron.

Cameron’s gain is definitely a big loss to ConservativeHome.  Sam has
become a very good friend over the two-and-a-half years we have worked
together, and I’ll miss his company as
well as his enormous contribution to this website.
Today is a day for congratulating Sam.  We’ll be announcing the recruitment process for his successor tomorrow."

> The photo of Sam and David Cameron was from a recent ‘Day in the life of David Cameron’ featureSam’s namesake at The Times will be pleased that there’ll now only be one Sam Coates covering Westminster!

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