AdbustersThe image comes from Adbusters, and a Cameronesque styling of Obama’s ‘Hope’ poster.

A Telegraph survey of Tory MPs (of which 91 expressed a preference) has found that 63 backed John McCain and 28 Barack Obama (click here and take a look at the facelifted site).  ConservativeHome’s own surveys of adopted candidates has found 25% supporting Obama and 61% for McCain.

This is what three prominent ‘Obamacons" said:

Sir Malcolm Rifkind: "The symbolism of Obama is huge. The election of a black president would be such an enormous step forward for America’s national history, and politics, its culture."

David Willetts: "The Shadow Universities Secretary was full of praise for Mr McCain’s experience and independence, but said an Obama victory would restore "the world’s faith in America" and would represent the more "vivid change"… When the show’s presenter later interpreted this as support for Mr Obama, Mr Willetts did not contradict him.  "Obama is an incredibly exciting guy", Mr Willetts had told listeners, a view that is not uncommon among Tory MPs."

Douglas Carswell: ""Obama is the anti-politician in a time when people are rightly suspicious of political elites."  "There is a feeling in the younger centre-Right that we need radical change," Mr Carswell told the Telegraph. "The centre-Right should be small government and Bush is part of that big government consensus. McCain is a continuation of that."" remains proudly Republican and Tim Montgomerie recently tackled Dan Hannan and Douglas Carswell’s support for the Democrat candidate.  David Cameron and George Osborne will meet Barack Obama later this week when the Illinois Senator visits London.

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