Tomorrow’s Independent on Sunday is carrying a ComRes poll with these figures: Con 45% (+1), Lab 24% (-2) and LibDem 16% (-1). That’s the lowest percentage for Labour ever recorded by ComRes, and the Conservatives’ 21% lead matches that of three weeks ago. Interestingly the Greens are up 3% to 5%, although Others are down 2% to 9%.

John Rentoul also reveals the answers to these questions:

  • "The Labour Party will lose the next election regardless of who leads it": 68 per cent agreed, including 38 per cent of Labour voters, and 22 per cent disagreed.
  • Two-thirds of respondents agreed that "Britain should never have become involved in Iraq" (66 per cent); 26 per cent disagreed. Three-quarters agreed that "British troops should be withdrawn from Iraq as soon as possible" (74 per cent); 18 per cent disagreed.
  • Finally we asked if people thought "a Conservative government would be more effective against knife crime than the present administration": 44 per cent agreed, and 41 per cent disagreed. Given the proportion of people who must be sceptical about the effectiveness of any politicians on such an issue, that would seem a very good score for David Cameron (Dominic Grieve, the new shadow Home Secretary, probably does not yet have the public profile to take the credit for it).

Click here to download the full results.

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