Boris is to launch an independent inquiry into claims made about his Deputy Mayor for Young People, Ray Lewis. He has also issued a strong statement in support of him against these "malicious allegations", adding that:


"I believe that my deputy Mayor Ray Lewis is being made to suffer now
because he has had the guts to serve in this administration and because
he has had the courage to speak out against a stifling orthodoxy that
has failed too many of our children."

Ray is a Justice of the Peace (for which there are stringent checks), a
qualified and widely-acclaimed youth worker. He was a prison governor
and a Church minister. No-one who has met him would doubt his
character and integrity. A man with an exemplary record of service to the community
like Ray’s deserves to be given a chance to clear his name from what
may well be mud thrown from political opponents. Ray said:

"I’m not a saint. I speak my mind and sometimes I rub
people up the
wrong way. But I am not the person painted by these allegations. I have
never harassed anyone. I have never defrauded anyone. I am happy to
face questioning and investigation on all these charges. Being Deputy
Mayor of London is the greatest honour of my life and I
will not allow that office – or Boris’ trust in me – to be tainted in
any way. I look forward to drawing a line under this episode, so that I
can get
on with working to improve the lives of young people in this city.

The one thing that is clear is that the left-leaning media have jumped on this story with relish, pre-judging him with little more than some disjointed insinuations. The Guardian, which gave EYLA an award last year, has even teamed up with Channel 4 to launch their own investigation.

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