The Deputy Mayor for Young People was hit with allegations about his past yesterday. Details to come…

6.50pm: Evening Standard reporting that the Ministry of Justice is denying that Lewis was ever a magistrate. BBC expecting "major announcement".

7pm: Ray Lewis has just told a press conference that he is stepping down with immediate effect because the "drip-drip" of "unfounded allegations" was damaging the mayoralty. He said the media was "like an impatient schoolchild" that "can’t understand the concept of delayed gratification". Regarding the Justice of the Peace issue he criticised "fully-paid up members of the hair-splitting convention" saying that he had been recommended for the role. He thanked Boris, who he had "grown to know, love and admire", for giving him "the opportunity to serve London in this way". Ray sounded bullish but his statement had an air of finality about it.

8pm: PoliticsHome has the transcript of his resignation statement

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