12.06pm: Chris Bryant criticised the UN’s lack of action on Zimbabwe, Brown doesn’t address the UN issue so much but refers to Mugabe’s unacceptable "blood-stained regime". Cameron said he agreed with every single word of what Brown said about Zimbabwe.

12.08pm: Cameron asks if Brown stands by his statement that no-one was bribed to vote for 42 day detention. Brown answered simply: "yes". Cameron then cited a letter from Chief Whip Geoff Hoon to Keith Vaz (Chairman of Home Affairs Select Committee) thanking him for voting for 42 days and saying that he trusted he would be "appropriately rewarded". Brown said he was just being thanked for voting the right way. Yet again, Cameron asked "why can’t he give a straight answer to a straight question".

12.12pm: Nick Clegg asked about the inexcusable "mental health crisis".

12.16pm: Cameron asks why Brown hasn’t stopped dangerous criminals being released from prison early. Brown said he’s stepped up checks. Cameron said he warned him about this a year ago, and quoted a probation officer saying that as far as he could see nothing had been done since last year. The letter Cameron referred to has now been published by the Telegraph, so presumably he had the inside track.

12.19pm: Brown goes on about the number
of police and community support officers on the street and claims crime
is down 30%. Cameron brushes of the "irrelevant fgures" and says no-one
will ever forget that he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer who didn’t
pay for the prisons that we need: "Surely people will conclude that he
has failed in his basic duty of keeping people safe?". Brown hits back
by saying that the Conservatives "talk tough" on terrorism, law and
order and planning laws – but "act soft".

12.21pm: Stephen Crabb asks whether
it’s worse to come behind the BNP in Henley or behind the SNP in
Glasgow East, and wonders if Brown will campaign in the latter to stop
it happening. Brown used his usual line of criticising Tory
backbenchers for wasting their questions on trivia.

12.23pm: Iain Duncan Smith said the
Government should get all Western governments to tell Mbeki that if he
didn’t use his weight against Mugabe that trade with South Africa would
come under review.

12.28pm: Sir Peter Tapsell asked about
the "unwinnable and deeply unpopular" war in Afghanistan, saying that
the Taliban weren’t involved in international terrorism which was now
mostly conducted from Iraq, the border with Pakistan, and Britain.

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