CCHQ has just announced that "former Imperial College Rector Sir Richard Sykes to lead a commission into the future of testing, assessment, examinations and qualifications."  The press release continues: "The inquiry will examine how to restore confidence in the exam system so that testing in schools and exam qualifications are rigorous, robust and relevant."

Shadow Children’s Secretary Michael Gove issued this statement:

“Testing is important for measuring how individuals, schools and ministers are performing. The debacle over SATs this year has badly damaged the confidence of parents, teachers, universities and employers in the current system of testing. It is vital that we have a testing and examination system which enables our young people to compete with the best in the world.  There is widespread concern that tests and exams are not rigorous, robust or relevant enough. I am delighted that Sir Richard has agreed to look into this whole area for us.”

Last week the Conservatives called on the Government to drop the firm contracted to mark SATS.

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