Editorial verdict: "A clear victory for William Hague.  He asked serious questions about depositor protection and Ms Harman replied with political knockabout."

Highlights, not verbatim:

12.15pm: William Hague gets up for his second set of questions and highlights waste of food in Government departments.  Isn’t there something ridiculous about being lectured on food waste by a Prime Minister who has passed his sell-by date?  Harriet Harman responds with a jibe about William Hague’s "18 pints" (although it was only 14!).  Quick as a flash William assures the House that none of his pints were wasted!  William Hague ends by saying he wishes her well in her campaign to replace the PM.  She replies by saying that there are not enough airports in the country to accommodate the men who would want to leave the country if she became PM.

12.08pm: Uneventful exchange between Vince Cable – in which he says housing market faces worst crisis in "our lifetimes" – and Ms Harman on the economy.   This is the real issue, says Cable, and criticises Brown and Cameron for competing to be the "weightwatcher-in-chief".

12.05pm: Mr Hague offers help from the Conservatives in passing deposit protection laws speedily before the summer recess.  Ms Harman responds by knocking the Conservatives’ record on the economy before 1997.  Hague: If she wants to be PM, she ought to start acting like one.  Harriet Harman wonders (again) why Theresa May isn’t standing in for David Cameron as she is her opposite number as Shadow Leader of the House.  Ms Harman advises Theresa May to cross Lambeth bridge and apply to be a woman bishop.  Bizarre!

12.03pm: William Hague rises and asks when the Government intends to legislate for increased depositor protection during this time of financial turbulence.  Flanked by Alistair Darling Harriet Harman makes general remarks about the economy but doesn’t answer the specific point.

It’s Harriet Vs Hague again today with Gordon Brown at the G8 summit.  HH did quite well last time and another good showing might boost her unofficial leadership campaign.

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