EDITORIAL VERDICT: "Another very dull performance from Gordon Brown.  Being the last PMQs until October, David Cameron chose to tour both the government’s most difficult issues – higher VED, the 10p row, knife crime – AND some of his favourite critiques – the PM is a ditherer, treats people as fools, does things on the sly.  Good knockabout but not particularly edifying."

Watch the exchanges here.

Highlights, not verbatim:

12.11pm: Clegg warns that a Winter of Discontent may be just around the corner.  He invites Gordon Brown to take the summer off and rethink his strategy.  Gordon Brown said something dull in reply.

12.08pm: Cameron asks why the PM hid in his bunker when the Commons last debated MPs’ benefits and pay.  I’m beginning to think the only thing in Downing Street with a spine is his book on courage, he jibes.  Brown says Cameron runs away from the tough decisions, whether on terrorism, nuclear power, education until 18.  This is a Conservative Party that has no substance.

12.07pm: Cameron asks if the cancellation of a 2p increase in fuel duty has anything to do with the Glasgow by-election.  The PM says no.  Cameron responds by saying that, yet again, the PM is treating people like fools – saying that the u-turn on 10p had nothing to do with Crewe and Nantwich and the u-turn on the autumn 2007 election had nothing to do with the polls.

12.04pm: Mr Cameron moves on to invite the PM to say that he was wrong to say that most people would be better off from changes to car tax.  Won’t he admit that he was wrong?  Brown says Cameron must get real about taking the tough choices that the environment demands.  Cameron replies by saying that the VED changes aren’t a green tax, but a stealth tax.

12.02pm: David Cameron asks who came up with the bright idea to march knife criminals into A&E wards to meet their victims?  Why can’t the PM be straight with people and say who came up with idea?  The PM won’t get decent policies until he improves his policy formulation process.  Brown doesn’t answer but talks generally about tougher sentences for crime.

This will be the last PMQs until October.

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