We announced our intention to launch a wiki a few weeks ago, and are very pleased to make it public today under the name

It’s basically an online encyclopedia for the Conservative Party and the wider
conservative movement in Britain that will comprehensively cover people, debates and policies
by harnessing the wisdom of the
ConservativeHome crowd. Once it’s found its feet and built up more
content we’re confident it will become an invaluable resource.

It struck us that many of the posts on here would be better off in
a wiki that could incorporate the best of what readers would normally
add in the comments into the actual article. Two of the pages we’ve
started the wiki off with have been copied from ConservativeHome with
that collaborative idea in mind – Harry Phibbs’ 100 questions to ask
your local council
and Tim Montgomerie’s "war and peace" account of the Conservative leadership race.
Almost all content from now on will be generated by Wiki editors
however, and down the line we intend to recognise and reward the most
prolific and constructive contributors.

the moment we’re controlling the creation of new pages so we can shape
its direction, but users can edit them if they register accounts with
verifiable email addresses. Abuse of the wiki’s open source nature will
not be tolerated and any unhelpful changes can be very quickly reverted.

We must pay tribute to ConservativeHome readers Peter Harrison of the impressive Festipedia,
and Geoff from Gibraltar (happy birthday Geoff!) for all the work
they’ve done in helping us build the bespoke wikisite. We decided to
use the same template that you know and love from Wikipedia and have
provisionally added a dummy-proof editing tool that doesn’t require any knowledge of
code at all.

The wiki is going to be refined and improved on as we go along and
we see it as something that all of its users have a stake in, so any
feedback on potential content or on the functionality of the site is
very welcome.

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