Highlights, not verbatim, from David Cameron’s remarks on this morning’s Andrew Marr programme:

  • Knife crime: Getting caught on the streets with a knife and only getting a caution sends the "most appalling signal".
  • Prisons: Conservatives would start building prisons as soon as we came to office – paid for by scrapping the ID cards scheme and by selling the prime propoerty locations of the old Victoria prisons and building new prisons, better equipped for rehabilitation.
  • Tax cuts: My decision to resist calls for big taxes has been "vindicated" because of the deteriorating economic poisition… I disappoint people every day in the Conservative Party by saying you
    can’t have that unfunded tax cut.  That is what leadership is about.
  • Labour’s VED plans: There is nothing green about taxing the Ford Mondeo that a family bought a few years ago.  I don’t think Labour will go ahead with planned VED hike.
  • We’ll vote for James Purnell’s welfare reforms: We have taken tough decisions on the public finances including our ideas on welfare reform.  We are "thrilled" that Labour is now taking up Tory get-tough ideas on welfare.  If Labour’s backbenchers give James Purnell’s welfare reforms difficult the Conservative Party will "do the right thing" and ensure their passage.  They are the right thing and they will save money.
  • Tories are making the running in UK politics: On welfare reform, cleaning up MPs’ expenses and knife crime you see a Conservative Party that isn’t just taking tough choices but making the running in British politics.
  • Heathrow: I’m leaning against Heathrow expansion because the economic case hasn’t been made and there could be serious environmental consequences.
  • Lisbon Treaty: The Lisbon Treaty should have been declared dead after the Irish vote.  If the process is still going on when we come to office we will certainly hold a referendum on Lisbon.  If Lisbon has been ratified across Europe by the time of the next election "we won’t let matters rest there" and will spell out in our manifesto what we will do.  The Conservatives are also committed to hold a referendum on any future EU Treaties that would see powers transferred to Brussels.  Click here for Dan Hannan’s take on this section of the interview.

Watch the interview here.

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