The Conservatives have called for the Government to drop ETS, the company behind this year’s exam marking fiasco, in time for next year’s exams. Michael Gove said:

"ETS have forfeited the right to run future SATs tests. Every day brings new evidence of their serial incompetence. Ministers must act now to ensure next year’s exams are run properly. That means guaranteeing that a proper team to supervise the process is in place as soon as possible. The Government can’t hide behind legalese. If ministers signed a contract which ties them to an incompetent firm, that only underlines their own incompetence."

On the Today programme this morning Gove called on somebody to be accountable for the chaos:

"There can be no confidence in the testing regime or league tables that spring from that. No one is taking accountability for this tremendous muck up. Profound doubts hang over this whole process. The government was warned months ago there was a problem with the process. There are crucial ramifications for pupils and their schools. Ed Balls has constantly refused to acknowledge his responsibility for this or say sorry."

Most exam papers were due to be returned a week late, but there have been problems with many that have been marked.

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