With the prospect of a formal UUP-Conservative alliance the already strong chances of Lord Trimble, who joined the Conservative Party in April after having taken the Conservative whip in the Lords, getting a senior role in a Conservative Shadow Cabinet/Cabinet have been strengthened further.

As an internationally recognised politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner with a proven adeptness at diplomacy, foreign policy would be the obvious area for him. William Hague’s disposition towards carrying the foreign policy brief into government would of course be the major factor in whether the top job in that area would be open to him, but another factor to consider is that in a Shadow Cabinet desperately lacking in experience of government
Trimble’s heavyweight status and experience as First Minister of
Northern Ireland would bring some much-needed gravitas to the team.

As a widely-respected former elected politician Trimble should be able to overcome any doubts about a member of the House of Lords taking up a big role, and as a trustee of the Henry Jackson Society his liberal interventionist credentials would provide some much-needed balance to the dominant realist school of thought. Not to mention that he would no doubt get on well with McCain if he was the next US President, and if Obama was elected, well, he would be justified in calling in a favour or two!

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