David Davis won his by-election with a majority of 15,355 and on a turnout of 34%. These two quotes from his speech at the by-election count were recorded by The Telegraph:

David Davis claims he has transformed public opinion during the period of his campaign: "Today the people of Haltemprice and Howden have delivered a stunning – a stunning – message to the Government, and our campaign has reverberated across the country. Four weeks ago as Gordon Brown stooped into the gutter to rig the vote on 42 days, ministers crowed that 69% of people voted 42 days. Today just 36 per cent supported it.  Four weeks ago the Government touted public support for a range of other draconian measures.  Today 71 per cent support my stand against the attacks on British liberty."

On his return to the Commons: "I do so with a clear mandate, to fight Gordon Brown’s vision of Big Brother Britain tooth and nail, to stop 42 days in its tracks, to prevent the disaster of ID cards before it happens, to protect our personal privacy from being ransacked by the ever-intrusive state.  But most of all for the thousands upon thousands that have written to me, supported me, and voted for me, I return to fight for those fundamental freedoms that define our way of life – freedoms that millions died defending, freedoms that make Britain great."

BBC video of a post-count interview with David Davis in which he claims the turnout was "spectacular".

9am: David Cameron congratulates Mr Davis on his "brave" stand and says that public support for 42 days is "draining away".

9.30am: PoliticsHome has transcribed highlights of DD’s Today programme interview.

11.15am: "Conservative heavyweight David Davis is 10/1 for a return to the shadow cabinet before the end of the year, following his Haltemprice and Howden by-election victory," says Ladbrokes.

Noon: Video of DD’s victory speech

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