The first post-Glasgow East poll appears this morning, in The Times.  The Populus poll finds Labour 16% adrift and the Tories heading for a majority of 176 according to the ConservativeHome poll of polls’ projection.

PopulusCan Labour do anything to turn this round?  The Mail talks about a ‘dream ticket’ of Miliband and Johnson reviving Labour.

A survey of Tory members at the end of last month found that Mr Johnson was seen as the most "dangerous" opponent for the Conservatives, with the Foreign Secretary a few percentage points behind.  Ten times as many members ‘feared’ either Johnson or Miliband as ‘feared’ Brown. Here are the full results:

Whowouldbemostdangerous Tory members have a good record in this area.  Last year they predicted by sixteen-to-one that Brown would be a less effective leader than Blair.

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