Enemyofthepeople01We’ve just read THE best indictment of the Labour years.

The Centre for Policy Studies is relaunching its pamphlets this week with a new bullesye-style logo and an old-fashioned colour style that reminds us of those great Penguin paperbacks.

The first in the new series of pamphlets is written by Lord (Maurice) Saatchi.  Written in the style of a prosecuting barrister it makes the case that Labour has acted as the ‘Enemy of the People’ over the last ten years:

"The People charge New Labour on seven Counts:

  • Conspiracy to make citizens dependent on the State.
  • Conspiracy to force citizens to claim benefits to pay higher taxes.
  • Incitement of poor people to pay more tax than rich people.
  • Solicitation of multiple tax revenues by stealth.
  • Attempt to obstruct the right of citizens to independence.
  • Conspiracy to mesmerize and anaesthetise citizens.
  • Attempt to conceal their true status as an enemy of the people.

On all Counts, the defendants are found: Guilty."

It will formally be published on Wednesday – when we’ll publish key extracts.  You’ll be able to get a copy from the CPS website then.  You won’t be disappointed.

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