Have you enjoyed today?  Labour’s defeat in Glasgow East?  That new WebCameron video marking the last year.  Here’s a night cap for you… "The Conservative Party enjoys a 22-point lead over Labour, according a poll by ComRes for The Independent. It is the biggest lead the Tories have ever enjoyed in a ComRes survey and would give David Cameron a majority of 236 if repeated at a general election."

The Tories are on 46% (unchanged), Labour are on 24% (down 1%) and the Liberal Democrats are on 18% (also unchanged):

"According to ComRes, the Tories are mobilising their core vote much more successfully than their rivals. Some 96 per cent of people who think of themselves as natural Tories plan to vote for the party, compared with 77 per cent of natural Labour supporters and 82 per cent of Liberal Democrat identifiers. Some 67 per cent of people who intend to vote Tory say they are “absolutely certain” to vote, compared with 61 per cent of Labour supporters and 55 per cent of Liberal Democrat backers."

Sweet dreams!


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