Surprisingly, there’s barely any mention of Kelvin Mackenzie’s candidacy in The Sun today, despite it being an idea supported by Rebekah Wade and Rupert Murdoch himself (it started off as a dinner party joke). Mackenzie – who failed to unseat a Conservative at the last local elections – said he was 90% certain of standing.

Davis’ confirmed rivals so far include the OMRLP, the Miss Great Britain Party and a local fruit-n-veg trader. Whether The Sun throws its weight behind its former editor or not, the Conservatives – especially Davis – have lost favour with the paper recently. One story it does cover today is Dominic Grieve’s remarks shortly after 7/7:

new Shadow Home Secretary sparked fury after the 7/7 attacks – saying
he understood terrorists’ anger. Dominic Grieve said a month after the
London bombings – which killed 52 people – that he found it “totally
explicable”. And the barrister claimed the Iraq War was partly to
blame. Details of his offensive remarks re-emerged yesterday in a fresh
embarrassment to David Cameron."

As we noted yesterday, "one of the first things that Mr Grieve needs to do is rebut Labour suggestions that the party is soft on terrorism".