Do you use Wikipedia?

We’re using the software that powers Wikipedia to produce our own online encyclopedia for the Conservative Party and the wider conservative movement in Britain.  It will cover people and events that Wikipedia wouldn’t deem ‘notable’, and by harnessing the wisdom of the ConservativeHome crowd we hope that any pages that do overlap will be better.

We are currently putting the final touches to its design (any Mediawiki experts out there?) but hope to launch it very soon. The Wiki will have a number of features:

There’ll be sections dedicated to recent Conservative history, for example:

  • The defining events in post-Thatcher Conservative history
  • A Timeline of Boris Johnson’s Mayoralty
  • A history of David Cameron’s leadership: The 2005 leadership bid, David
    Cameron’s first 100 days, The Decontamination and Lovebombing phase,
    From Grammarsgate to Bottler Saturday, From Bottler Saturday to Crewe.
  • The achievements of Conservative in Opposition, 1997 to 2005
  • Debunking myths, such as Lady Thatcher’s comments on there not being such a thing as society and on people having failed at life if they ride buses

There’ll be resource sections, for example:

  • Profiles of leading, local and unsung Tories
  • Accumulated advice, such as "How to become a Conservative MP" (based on the views of more than 100 successful candidates), and "Questions to ask your council"
  • The beliefs of the next generation of Conservative candidates
  • "Who are the Tory grassroots?"  Key findings of the Members’ Panel.
  • "Who should get a Conservative peerage?" and other such lists

There’ll be policy sections, beginning with:

  • An overview of existing Tory policy commitments.
  • Balanced overviews of key debates such as "In or out of Europe" and "Hares vs Tortoises".

We hope you’ll enjoy taking part.  You’ll be able to edit entries and propose your own although we and a team of moderators will be keeping a careful eye on all content to ensure it’s fair and legal.  Please email us if you’d like to write an entry for launch day

We haven’t been more excited about anything since ConservativeHome first started.  We hope you’ll contribute to this resource.  Suggestions on what to cover are very welcome…