CurrentstateOne of the big challenges for what we hope will be an incoming Conservative government will be the need to ensure that we have a full working frontbench team in the House of Lords.

The current Tory representation in the Lords is summarised in the graphic on the right.  In order to have enough fronbench talent, ConservativeHome estimates that David Cameron will have to appoint approximately twenty new Conservative peers in his first twelve months – assuming that fundamental Lords reform hasn’t happened by then.

Who would you appoint?

Here are some suggestions to get the debate going:

  • David Fraser, one of Britain’s foremost experts on crime and sentencing.  With twenty-six years experience working in the Probation Service, courts and prisons, and having addressed Commons Select Committee on Sentencing. His recent book ‘A Land Fit for Criminals’ was an encylopaedic attack on the myths and half-truths that are used to oppose tougher, longer prison sentences. 
  • Jill Kirby, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies.  Jill is an articulate and thoughtful Conservative who writes the first essay in The Telegraph’s ‘Tories in power’ series this morning.  She writes about the family – the issue about which she is one of Britain’s leading authorities.
  • George Magan, former Tory Treasurer, philanthropist and  City banker.  Mr Magan has been a long-standing supporter of the party and would bring much to the Conservative benches’ understanding of the economy.
  • Simon Wolfson, CEO of the Next chain.  Mr Wolfson has been a consistent supporter of Eurosceptic causes  and co-chaired the Conservative Party’s Policy Group on economic competitiveness.