RejoiceThank you Ireland.  Thank you.

12.52pm: Douglas Carswell MP on CentreRight: "Ireland has benefited from Euro squillions.  Her political / media establishment, like our own BBC, was almost universally behind the well-financed "Yes" campaign.  Yet still the Irish have said "no"."

1.07pm: Open Europe live blog: "Mark Mardell reports that the no are winning on News 24.  He says Brown phoned Sarkozy to say that he would press ahead with ratification in the event of a NO. That would be total madness – surely? But lets not count chickens here – still think its going to be a yes."  What arrogance!

1.25pm: EU Referendum has a very good live blog.

1.26pm: Hilarious exchange on Five Live between Open Europe’s Neil O’Brien and Europhile Denis MacShane MP.  Neil kept asking MacShane if Labour would now withdraw the Lisbon Bill from its last parliamentary stages.  Refusing to answer the question he launched attacks on Neil O’Brien as a "fanatical" Eurosceptic!  He stormed out of the studio.  Bad loser, Denis.

Congratulations to the people of Ireland, who have struck a blow for Europeans everywhere. Despite what the “yes” campaign said, Ireland is now closer to the heart of Europe than ever: never has it been so popular.  Congratulations, too, to the friends of Irish democracy from outside Ireland who supported the “no” campaign and made it impossible for the other side to argue credibly that a “no” would leave Ireland isolated. ConHome can now reveal that the Tory MEP, Daniel Hannan, was behind the embassy vigils throughout Europe, which saw crowds assemble at 40 Irish embassies and consulates across the continent to urge a “no” vote. Daniel is quite a veteran of European referendums, having campaigned for “no” votes in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, Malta and Estonia, too.  He and other Euro-sceptic MEPs contributed to a series of fact-sheets in Ireland about the Lisbon Treaty, whose aim was not to tell people to vote “no”, but to disseminate information about its content and so depreciate the turnout on the “yes” side. It seems to have worked!  Read Dan’s blog of today’s result.

3pm: Global Vision’s Ruth Lea has sent us this statement:

"If, as seems likely, the Irish vote “no” to the Lisbon Treaty it confirms the extreme unpopularity of this treaty with the people of Europe. We should also remember that both the French and the Dutch voted against the Constitution, effectively the same as the Lisbon Treaty, in 2005. Surely it is time the British people were allowed their say on the treaty.

It is clear that the EU’s integrationist project is fatally unpopular and, hence, fatally flawed. The EU should have a major rethink on the future of the EU. It needs to embrace a more modern, looser approach and be prepared to accept that some countries, whilst happy to have a relationship with the EU, do not wish to be part of ever-closer political and economic integration. Britain is clearly one such country."

5.25pm: William Hague has issued the following statement:

"“The Irish people have spoken and they have made clear that they do not want a Treaty that takes so many powers from the countries of Europe and gives it to distant institutions in Brussels. Despite all the threats that have been made they have had the courage to make their own decision. They deserve Europe’s admiration and congratulations.

“Alone in Europe they have had the chance to make their views known. If democracy in the EU is to mean anything their decision must be respected. The Republic of Ireland’s voters must carry no less weight than the Dutch and French.

“The British Government must respect the Irish people’s verdict. Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in Parliament must be stopped immediately.

“The renamed EU Constitution should now be finished. But, as we know from last time, even after two ‘no’ votes the original Constitution was brought back under another name. And there are now no excuses left for denying the British people their say. So unless it is agreed that this Treaty is dead and buried it is essential that the British people have their say. There is no justification for the Irish people being allowed their say while the British are denied theirs.

“Gordon Brown must now come to the Commons on Monday to make a statement on what the Government will do next.

“This is a great day for Britain and the peoples of Europe. Now is the time to end the old top down Europe which the Irish have so decisively rejected. It is time to renew the European Union on respect for its peoples’ wishes.”

8.30pm: No flags!  Earlier this afternoon the EU flag that normally flies on the EU Parliament’s building in London was taken down.  We fear it was just for a spring clean rather than a full retreat.