400If you want to know why the Tories are an average 17% ahead in ConservativeHome’s Poll of Polls we suggest it is, quite simply, the reduction in peoples’ earnings.  Rising incomes protected Tony Blair from his failures on crime, immigration and the public services but they are no longer protecting Gordon Brown.

Research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research for ASDA – quoted in The Telegraph – shows that the average family is £400 worse off this year.  Increased incomes have been wiped out by rising taxes and rising prices.  A big hat-tip to Tory candidate for Dover, Charlie Elphicke.  His research for the Centre for Policy Studies has been way ahead of the curve on this issue.

It’s been nearly a year since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister and CCHQ has produced a devastating dossier on his failings.  Chapters attack him for basic failures, incompetence, dithering, opportunism, hypocrisy and "Brownies".  Section 2.4 of the dossier even takes up Guido’s theme of ‘Jonah Brown’.

You can upload a PDF of the report to read for yourself
but here are two highlights of an incredibly thorough piece of work that will feed journalists for months to come:

1. The events that have produced the decline and decline of Mr Brown

Click to enlarge.

2. Images from Brown’s year

Clockwise from top left: Asleep at the UN, With orange make-up all over his face, Tangled in a net, Receiving the Olympic torch in Downing Street, Launching his leadership bid obscured by an autocue.