Highlights, not verbatim:

12.18pm: If you want to ask questions call an election, Cameron responds.  Brown says the Conservatives aren’t making the big decisions.  He says Labour have made all the big decisions on nuclear power, airport expansion and housing.  David Cameron, he says, ducks all the big decisions.  You can get away without substance some of the time, but not all of the time.  The Conservatives are only offering opposition for opposition’s sake.

12.16pm: David Cameron says "no plans" doesn’t mean anything from a PM who said he had "no plans" to raise taxes.  This is a PM who is about to sit down with the unions – the unions who provide 92% of Labour income – and the unions only see weakness when they look at Brown and know he’ll lurch to the left if they push hard enough.

12.15pm: In David Cameron’s second set of questions he turns to industrial relations and asks for a categorical assurance that Conservative union reforms won’t be weakened.  Brown says he has "no plans" to change union laws but invites the Conservative leader to say that he will commit to three year public sector pay deals.

12.11pm: Before he became PM, people thought he was a man of principle says Nick Clegg.  Will Mr Brown meet the Gurkhas who are surrendering their medals today in protest?  The PM responds by saying that the Government is improving pension arrangements for serving and some retired Gurkha servicemen.  The LibDem leader says that the PM is missing the real issue.  Gurkhas have to rely on charity and risk deportation because this Government won’t give so many of them citizenship.

12.07pm: Cameron says EU sanctions must mean visa bans and asset freezes on the families of the regime as well as the regime leaders themselves.  He also says that businesses have a responsibility to divest from Zimbabwe if they are sustaining the regime.  Brown says that more moves are being taken to identify every member of the "criminal cabal" surrounding Zimbabwe and subject them to the overall sanctions regime.

12.05pm: David Cameron welcomes sporting sanctions against Zimbabwe and asks what it practically means to end recognition of Zimbabwe.  Brown says Britain is bound by international laws and can’t completely ignore the legal fact that Mugabe remains Zimbabwe’s head of state.  Says lots of other things but doesn’t answer question.

12.03pm: David Cameron asks about Zimbabwe. Calls for G8 – due to be attended by South Africa – to have declaration on Zimbabwe that commits S Africa to tougher line.  Brown promises to raise the issue at every international gathering.